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Tips for posting a Disappearance Alert on Chien perdu 01 Ain

Is your dog lost? Did he run away or was he stolen? Now broadcast his report and increase your chances of finding him quickly. CHIEN PERDU uses the PetAlert system!

How to publish a disappearance

A quick, simple and efficient method

With PetAlert you have a reliable and recognized solution to report the disappearance of your dog:

  • Write your Alert in less than 5 minutes
  • Obtain verification of your report by our teams
  • Receive the guarantee that your personal data is neither published nor transmitted
  • Use a 100% secure platform

Your report is available on but also on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Our teams of watchers (volunteers) receive the information. Local veterinarians are also informed.

PetAlert provides ready-to-print poster and flyer templates.

The creation of a Disappearance Alert is available from 12.90 EUR .

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